Thursday, April 30, 2009

Doug Drabek

I sent off two cards to Doug Drabek on April 1st and got them back today. I had sent them off to a home address only to have the come back 'Return to Sender' nearly two months ago until trying the Pirates alumni association.

I've learned to actually appreciate RTS letters. I started collecting commemorative stamps again (back in '99), so if a letter is returned I at least get my stamp back. I should have used them long ago rather than the generic looking definitives.

I really wanted this '93 Pinnacle signed; it's just one of those cards that begs to inscribed.

Confession time; the Drabek card featured in my first post is not mine. I snagged that off the 'net when I needed something depicting an Astro. I had not originally planned to show off my signed cards...I just needed a way to advertise that I have about 12,000 Astros cards that I might want to trade.

Anyway, I already had a Drabek card in my collection. I used to follow him as a Pirate so I sent off a '91 Donruss card to him back around '92. These cards look way better.

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