Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ed Hermann

Baseball has always been and continues to be a major part of Ed Hermann's life. His grandfather, Marty Hermann, played for the Brooklyn Robins in 1918. Nearly fifty years later Ed himself was playing major league baseball, beginning with the White Sox in 1967. In 1976 he was playing for the Astros, where he would stay until most of the 1978 season.

These days Hermann is very active with charity events, such as the The United One Celebrity Golf Tournament which was held a couple weeks ago. He is also very much involved with coaching in youth baseball, including the DelMar Powerhouse Club, Anaheim Angels Youth Clinics and others. He is also the Director of West Coast Recruitment at Seminara Sports. It's always great to see former major league players giving back to the community.

Sent off TTM on 12/11/99; received 12/20/99

Turning up the heat
Mark Liptak interviewed Hermann awhile back and I found one comment of interest when asked about catching Larry Dierker's no-hitter. I always thought it seemed a bit warm in the 'Dome on some days. Maybe now I know why.

"It was a phenomenal day. I know it was hotter then heck at the Dome that day. The Astros deliberately raised the inside temperature because it helped their pitchers balls move more. Larry’s ball moved so much that day that he looked like J.R. Richard. He and I were in sync that day, I don’t think he ever shook me off. When I was with the Angels I remember Nolan Ryan telling me that he saw more pitchers lose no hitters late in the game because they would throw the pitch the catcher called for instead of throwing what they wanted.. I remembered that. Catchers can only suggest what to throw, the final decision is the pitchers."

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