Thursday, May 13, 2010

Round Rock Express

I attended my first minor league game this week. I'm currently in Austin, TX, which is just down the road from Round Rock, home of the Express. The Memphis Redbirds were in town and I attended the only home game that was held this week. Too bad this conference wasn't held in Houston so I could see the 'Stros in action. Back when I was doing parole I attended annual conferences every November and would take in a Rockets game while I was in town. Living out in the sticks has a tendency to make you want to catch all the games when you're in the big city.

I had a chance to see the Redbirds several years while visiting friends in Memphis. We stood outside the stadium but never bothered to go in and watch the game.

Anyway, I thought I'd make use of the free wifi in the hotel lobby and post a few photos. I think I did more walking around and taking pictures than actually sitting.


  1. We've seen Round Rock play Albuquerque. Triple A is great fun!

  2. Did you get any autographs while you were there? That is one of my top five parks for getting autographs.

  3. I stood next to the guys while they signed, but I had no cards or anything else to write on. I go to Austin at least twice a year for conferences, so maybe I'll be better prepared next time. Who knows, maybe I'll make the drive down there for a weekend game this season just for a game.