Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bill Spiers

After playing ball for the Brewers and the Mets, Bill Spiers came to Houston in 1996 where he would finish out his career early in the 2001 season.

During a game against the Brewers, he was attacked by a Milwaukee fan. I guess the guy didn't approve of Bill leaving his favorite team. Mike Hampton came to the rescue, though.

Spiers currently holds the Astros team record for reaching base in the most consecutive plate appearances with 13 in 1997.

I sent these two cards off on 6/26/09 and they came back today. I really like the 2000 Stadium Club and was worried that the slick surface might not hold the ink well, but it came back looking great.

The Upper Deck card looks pretty nice, too. The back mentions the fact that while at Clemson University he was named twice to the All-America team and also lettered in football.

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  1. I got the Cruz card today. It looks great! Thanks a bunch.