Sunday, May 17, 2009

Be sure to let the ink dry!

I met Luis Gonzalez before the beginning of his second season with the Astros. He was visiting the campus of Sam Houston State University with a few other guys from the team, which included Curt Schilling, Mark Portugal, Bob Watson and Larry Dierker. I was standing around waiting for the autograph lines to open and he walked up to the end of the line. We talked for a few minutes and I believe I had him sign the card there. I should have waited until he made it to the table. I forgot to wait for the ink to dry and the signature was smeared. Hey, it was a lesson learned. I've had a few cards signed in person and many 8x10 photos (mostly obtained at sci-fi conventions) signed over the years that turned out great...all because I made that little mistake about 17 years ago.

Luis also signed a photo card for me that day. At least this sig turned out better than his Donruss card.

I've got a few cards that I plan to send to him through the mail that will be added to the collection. Let's just hope they don't get smudged!

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