Thursday, June 11, 2009

3000+ cards today...and more on the way!

I got back into card collecting when I received a box of 3000+ Astros that I had won on eBay. I soon bought four boxes of Ultra Pro Silver and began filling 'em up. Since then I've probably bought between 5000-6000 more Astros. Many times I'll win an auction for a penny and just pay the postage.

Today I received my second box of 3000+ Astros cards from the same seller I bought from back in January. I should also receive a box of 2900+ any day now from another seller. Of course, I’ve bought a lot of other lots on eBay, ranging anywhere from 100 cards to 1000, but mostly in the 400-500 range.

The cards I received today cost $4.99 plus postage of $12.50 for a total of $17.49. I believe I paid about the same for the first box which was won six months ago. The box of 2900+ was a 'Buy It Now' auction and was purchased for $6.95 plus shipping of $14.95 making the total of that auction $21.90.

In just these three auctions alone I have paid just under $60.00 for approximately 9000 cards. I could go to the store and buy ten packs for $20.00 and get two or three Astros if I'm lucky.

I also just bought three more boxes of those Ultra Pro sheets last night. I've got a feeling I'm gonna need them.

I'm glad my vacation starts in two days; I'm pretty sure I'll be needing lots of free time pretty soon!

The first 3000+ box of cards:

Those that came in the mail today:


  1. Wow!! You are going to need a seperate vacation just to sort all those Astros.

  2. Do you have a wantlist for Astros? I have some older ones.

  3. Yes, I have a want-list. I have gone through one box and still have the 3000 count box to sort through. I don't expect a lot of older cards in there so if you let me know what years you are offering I can go ahead and send that list to you...or the whole thing. If you have a want-list I'll be glad to see what I have in return.