Monday, June 1, 2009

Terry Puhl

I've gotten several nice cards in the mail the last few days, including a 1964 Carl Warwick card that was signed plus nearly 20 '63 Colts; I even bought 10 packs of 2007 Topps and pulled two 'Stros this past weekend. Yep...bought some more new cards. As stated in a previous post it has been many years since I bought new cards; now I've done it two weekends in a row! I spent a good chunk of my student loan money on buying packs from 1990-1993. Let's hope that addiction doesn't happen again. You might say I finally paid those cards off back around 2004.

Today I got my first trade in the mail. Zman40 at offered up one of his '89 Score featuring Terry Puhl for one of my '87 Topps Hal Lanier cards. Thanks, Zman!

I've traded stuff with people all over the world (some places I can't mention on a public forum) but this was my first card. Actually, I did send about 20 cards to a guy in Italy once for some stamps but I don't count that.


  1. Cool... I was scrolling down to see if you had on for Terry Puhl. He was my favorite Astro back in the 80s. My father-in-law worked security at the dome back before Terry retired, and he knew I was a big fan... so he grabbed a batting practice ball that Terry had hit and got me an autograph. It's one of my favorite things ever.

    Great blog Tomas :)


  2. Working security at a stadium is right up there with working security at a concert venue; it's one of those things I would love to do and it's a helluva lot easier than being a roadie.

    And thanks for the compliment! I'm trying to keep things interesting along with making the blog look nice with my limited computer skills. I'm thinking I should hire a 4th grader 'cause those kids seem to have more skills than us old guys when it comes to computers.