Thursday, June 4, 2009

Randy Johnson---300 wins

Tonight Randy Johnson got his 300th win. I've been following Johnson since the early '90s and even got a chance to see him pitch with Seattle against the Rangers on June 10, 1992. I remember he lost a contact lense while on the mound.

I caught a few games in '98 while he was playing for Houston, too. I don't remember if he pitched in any of those games or not. I guess I should have taken notes or pictures. My CRS is really kicking in these days.

Here you can see the Big Unit as an Astro on his 1999 Fleer Ultra card #166. I took the liberty of adding some text, even thought he didn't achieve this milestone as an Astro. It's an Astro blog and I'm running things around here. Then again I guess I could have downloaded an image of a current card but where's the fun in that?

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