Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hal Lanier

I sent Hal a few cards about a month ago and got 'em back today. I really like the '88 Topps; it's a very nice portrait shot and the sig adds a lot to it.

He appears to be in deep thought here. I wonder what he's thinking about. "Should I pull Deshaies out and put in someone else?" --or--"I sure would like a taco. Yep, a taco would really hit the spot right about now." I guess we'll never know.

I can't say much for the '87 (looks grainy and slightly out of focus to me).

I sent Hal duplicates of each card in case he wanted to keep one for himself (I do this every time I send off for sigs; I'm not that generous...I just have a lot of extras that I need to get rid of). Hal signed all four cards and sent them back. I'd be glad to trade them for any Astros/Colts player that I do not have.

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