Saturday, May 23, 2009

I bought new cards!

I bought some new cards today. Well, they may not be new being that they were released in 2008 but these were the first packs of cards that I have bought since about 1993. Wow...hard to believe that it has been around 16 years since I have bought and opened a pack of cards. I've been buying Astros cards in bulk the past 10 or 11 years (well, there was a huge gap during most of that time). I bought about 3,000 in 1999-2000 and about 7,000 during the past three months; yeah, I'm trying to catch up for lost time.

I went to Target today to see what was in stock. I bought one of those 2008 Topps Series One 5-pack boxes that normally sell for $9.99 for just $4.99. I decided that since I was in town I would stop in at K-Mart and see what they had. I picked up a 10-pack 2008 Upper Deck First Edition Update for $5.99 which normally sells for $5.99.

The first Topps pack I opened had a #40 Miguel Tejada card right on top. I was happy, not just because this was a card that I needed but I thought my luck was running good. Well, it turns out to be the only 'Stros in the box.

I turned to the Upper Deck box and started ripping packs open. Out of 100 cards from that box I pulled out three Houston cards: #367 Lance Berkman, #368 Miguel Tejada, and #370 Michael Bourn. I have no 2008 UD cards in my collection so all will be kept.

Four cards out of 150. Not very impressive, but it was fun to open packs again. I just wish they were the same price they were back when I was still buying a pack (50 cents, I believe).

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