Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Carl Warwick

I sent this card off and got it back in just eight days. I like the nice, bold blue sig. It really stands out great on this '64 Topps. The corner is a little dinged, but a lot of days I feel that way, too.

I sometimes wonder what these guys think when they get one of these old cards. Carl was about 26 when this picture was taken; I believe he's 72 now. It must be a pretty good trip down memory lane.

Carl ended up being traded back to St. Louis in '64 and went to the World Series. These days he's very active in youth baseball and charity events among other things. He's also a member of the Texas Baseball Hall of Fame.

I had three cards signed by a former pro ballplayer today Actually, I sent them with my wife, who took them to where she works; the player knew had spoken with her a few days before and actually came up to her and wanted to sign this morning. Very nice guy! Some players will go that extra mile. He's not a former Astro, so I won't be posting that here. I guess I'll have to start another blog to post all my non-Houston players.


  1. Who was the mystery player?

    Nice Colts card!

  2. It was Jaimie Easterly. By the way, I edited my Puhl post to include a link to your blog since you had a link to my blog in yours; still learning this blogging business. I'll have to admit that it took several tries before I could get the link to show.